JKOmni Privacy Policy

JK Omni will not sell or disclose non-public customer information to any third party without the customer's written permission EXCEPT under subpoena from a court or other government entity with proper juridiction.

While employees and subcontractors of JK Omni are not considered "third parties" for this purpose, they will have access to only as much customer information as necessary to provide account service and support.

Through the use of secure web portals operated by merchant account service providers such as Google, Paypal, and US Bank's Nova Network, JK Omni does not capture or store customer credit card numbers when customers make payments by credit card.

Only in those cases where the customer transmits his credit card number directly to JK Omni by voice, fax, or email will JK Omni have any record of the customer's credit card number. JK Omni will take credit card numbers directly as a convenience only when the customer either cannot or does not wish to use the secure web payment portal.